William Patrick Patterson is the author of seven books on The Fourth Way, and the director-writer-narrator of the documentary video trilogy The Life and Significance of G.I. Gurdjieff. He is also the founder/editor of “The Gurdjieff Journal” (est. 1992), a domestic and international Fourth Way journal. He has led groups for many years and is a direct and longtime pupil of John Pentland.

After many years as a student of The Fourth Way and discovering no answer to the question that had gradually formed in him—what is the ‘self’ in self-remembering?—Mr. Patterson was called to explore Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism). In doing so, he realized the full significance of the ideas and practices of The Fourth Way and how this sacred and seminal teaching provided not only the necessary foundation, but was applicable on the very highest levels. He is the founder/director of The Gurdjieff Studies Program and has led groups, as well as given seminars and talks throughout the United States for many years. 
Patterson’s video trilogy:
Gurdjieff in EgyptGurdjieff’s Mission and Gurdjieff’s Legacy
is now available in universal DVD format.

In order to spread the teaching as fully as possible—Mr. Gurdjieff’s last wish—Mr. Patterson gives three public seminars a year, two on the West Coast, one on the East Coast.

web-site – http://www.gurdjieffstudiesprogram.org/patterson.htm


 Talks by W.P. Patterson from the web-site Gurdjieff Legacy


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