Edwin Wolfe

Edwin Wolfe was born in 1893. He grew up in Rochester, New York in a middle class family. After finishing school he came to New York and embarked upon the job of an actor. After undergoing studies, he played the lead roles in two silent films, then found two simultaneous jobs in Broadway theaters and in traveling stock companies. He also studied in medical school before World War I, then during the war entered the army as an ambulance driver. After the war he returned to medical studies and acting.

In 1927 he went to hear a talk by his friend C. Daly King, from which he learned about Gurdjieff’s ideas and the Work. He went to the Pieure in France to work with Gurdjieff. At the Prieure he met Dorothy Hunt whom he married. In 1933 he started working in radio as an actor and director of soap operas.

After Gurdjieff’s death Mr. Wolfe became a leader of a Gurdjieff group and a founding trustee of the New York Foundation. He died in 1983, at which time he was teaching the Work to his students until the very end, taking care of their welfare prior to his own.

In 1974 the Far West Press published Wolfe’s book Episodes With Gurdjieff, in which he recorded the master’s ideas and methods of work as he witnessed them himself.


Edvin Wolfe Episodes with Gurdjieff

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