Marquis Nicholas Tereschenko

Marquis Nicholas (Nicolai) Tereschenko (1920-2001) was born to a family in the Ukraine raised to nobility by the Russian Tsar. He grew up and lived almost all of his life in France. Tereschenko was affiliated with a large number of mystical groups, in which he held important ranks and rites. He was a High Grade Freemason, an Adeptus Maximus of Madeline Montalban’s Order of the Morning Star, and an Arch Druid of the United Ancient Order of Druids.

Tereschenko studied with Gurdjieff and wrote a number of books in French about him as well as about the other spiritual traditions he was close to, all of which were published in France. They include Au-dela de la Quatrieme voie (The Other World of the Fourth Way), Les Tresors de Tarot (Treasures of the Tarot), Le Message de Gurdjieff (The Message of Gurdjieff), Bases de l’ésotérisme: fragments de gnose (Foundations of esotericism: Fragments of Gnostic Teaching) and Gurdjieff et la quatrieme voie (Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way), published by Prismes Hebdo Edition inFrance. The last of the aforementioned books was translated into English and published as Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way by Kesjan Publishing in Austin in 2003.

He was one of the founders of the All and Everything Conference, which has taken place annually in various countries since 1996.

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