Michel Conge

Michel Conge was born in 1912 in Pau, located in the south-western part of France. Early in his youth he set himself upon the path of search for truth, as he put it, “seeking the real behind appearances”. He began realizing this quest, first, by entering the field of medicine. When he was working at the Institut Pasteur in Paris he made the acquaintance of the writer Rene Daumal, through whom he met Jeanne de Salzmann. She invited him to study with Gurdjieff. In 1949, encouraged by Gurdjieff and Mme de Salzmann, Conge gathered a group of people around himself and his wife, whom he guided in their spiritual search. He led groups in Paris until his death in 1984.

An exemplary text by Dr. Conge is his essay “Facing Mr. Gurdjieff”. It presents an account of his meetings and work with Gurdjieff, where the author shared his impressions of the Master and of the inner shocks that he induced, which revealed the truth about his student’s inner state, achieving this in such a way that left room for the student to experience the reality of his being independently. Conge’s group meetings were recorded and, subsequently, published in a book by Riccardo Guillon, “Record of a Search: Working with Michel Conge in France”.




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