Anglo-French theatre and film director

Peter Brook, born in London, on March 21, 1925 , is currently the Director of the International Center for Theatre Creations in Paris, France. 

Peter Brook is one of the giants of contemporary theatre. A unique creative genius who, through his groundbreaking productions, has reinvented the way actors and directors think about theatre. Throughout his career, his work has been gratefully acclaimed in theatre, opera, film and writing. 

Brook the philosopher has put energy and genius into his search for a theatre that was simple and subtle, direct, and sophisticated, simultaneously popular and rich in levels of meaning. He has been an active force in reshaping the style and thinking of the theatre of the second half of the 20th century. 

After more than 40 years in the theatre, Peter Brook, has still, even today, the iconoclastic approach and the belief in the value of art in all cultures. More than any other artist working in the theatre today, Brook has challenged conventional concepts and in the process he has influenced several generations of theatre performers and changed the mentality of the audience everywhere. Through his groundbreaking productions he has had a huge impact over theatre people and theatre goers around the world.

Peter Brook attended Jane Heap’s group for more than a decade offers a succinct and vivid cameo of Jeanne de Salzmann who was close to Gurdjieff for thirty years. Brook’s narrative begins with the death of Jane Heap in 1964.

Peter Brook has published a number of books and an autobiography in English (1998) and in French (2003). His most well known book, the Empty Space, was published in 1968 and has since been translated into 15 languages. –  Recollections of Jeanne de Salzmann!.htm

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