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The “Gurdjieff Club” is a not-for-profit organization in which “membership” is presumed.

The members of the “Gurdjieff Club” are people who wish to participate actively in the work of the Club.

In order to become a member of the Gurdjieff Club, you need to fill out the questionnaire (if you are not registered on the website) and transfer the membership fee, which is $12. After the transfer, inform the site administrator (telegram @astrosergio) about this and he will give you access to the relevant information.

Members of the Club have free access to the materials of the website of the “Gurdjieff Club”.

All the members of the “Gurdjieff Club” submit membership fees, the funds of which are to be used exclusively for the needs of the “Gurdjieff Club” project.

For all those who support the work of the “Gurdjieff Club” and the trends related to it, who possesses a clear and strong motivation, having to do with inner work, is ready to do something factually to change his or her state of being or is already endeavoring certain measures for this effect the organizers of the “Gurdjieff Club” are offering the opportunity of cooperation, based on individual interest and responsibility in the work within the framework of the “Gurdjieff Club”.

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