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Nearly 60 years have passed since George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, mystic, philosopher, composer and choreographer, left in the care of his students his remarkable teaching with clearly circumscribed principles, stimulating fresh ideas, as well as numerous forms of practice, developed by him for those people who are not satisfied with their quality of being and aspire to a state of awakening from the “sleep” of modern existence.

A group of people, concerned with the present condition of Gurdjieff’s legacy, as well as the application and elaboration of his ideas and practices, who have experienced upon themselves its indelible influence, have joined together to form theInternational Gurdjieff Club” (IGC) in order to contribute in a systematic way to the preservation and elaboration of Gurdjieff’s teaching.

The International Gurdjieff Club, the host of the website, was founded in 2008. The founder of the International Gurdjieff Club is the Institute for the Cultivation of Inner States –


The main goals of the International Gurdjieff Club are the preservation and the development of Gurdjieff’s teaching, the support of the Gurdjieff Work in various cities of Russia and Ukraine, projects of joint work with leaders of Gurdjieff groups in Europe, USA and Canada, organization of conferences, seminars and workshops, inviting prominent instructors from abroad and participation in the international conference “All and Everything” and other international meetings and conferences.

On the website of the Gurdjieff Club the reader will find books by Gurdjieff and hisfollowers, articles, video recordings, information about Gurdjieff groups in Russia and other countries and many other materials. You can add information about your group or write to us about your ideas and proposals.

New on the site:

  • Вышла новая книга Стивена Аронсона «Тайна сознания и поиск смысла» - В то время, как взгляд К.-Г. Юнга на «коллективное бессознательное» открывает нам скрытую реальность Г. И. Гурджиев учит нас тому, что ничто не должно приниматься на веру, независимо от источника, если это не подтверждено на непосредственном личном опыте, объединяя при этом “мудрость Востока со знанием Запада” в качестве предпосылки для поиска смысла жизни, существования и […]
  • Stephen Aronson. Bodies – Higher and Lower - All & Everything International Humanities Conference The Paradox Gurdjieff says he brought to the West a method of accelerated development, accelerated transformation. To develop what? To transform what? He talks extensively about higher potential functionality above our ordinary type of thinking, emotional reacting, and mechanical/instinctive programming. He suggests two ‘higher’ arenas of functionality for each […]
  • A new book by Stephen Aronson has been published - The Search For Meaning and The Mystery of Consciousness: A Psychologist’s Journey Through Gurdjieff and Jung
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