Madame Solange Claustres

Madame Solange Claustres, a psychoanalyst and therapist, was one of the students of Gurdjieff from the early fourties until his death, in 1949. Today she has more than 60 years experience of being involved in this teaching. She led Movements classes from the very beginning, and took part in numerous Movements films. She has led her own work groups on Gurdjieff’s teaching in France, and has also directed Movements classes, and taken part in the guidance of work groups in England, Holland and the U.S.A.


“…an objective form of art… a construction of great beauty that we cannot fath-om, but which contains the law of the evolution of human consciousness. They express how and in which direction that progression has to go and as such they are a school in the real sense of that word.”

“All Gurdjieffs Movements are prayers.”

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