Alexandre de Salzmann

Alexandre de Salzmann (1874-1934) was a painter, theater designer and stage lighting artist, who was well-known in Russia and Germany.


He was a friend of Kandinsky and Rilke and member of the Jugendstil group. He brought in innovations of lighting techniques, especially in his production of Debussy’s “Pelleas and Melisande”. He and his wife were introduced to Gurdjieff by Thomas de Hartmann in 1919, after which he renounced his professional career and joined Gurdjieff’s group, studying with him and disseminating his teachings, especially in Fench speaking countries.


Alexandre de Salzmann was one of the founding members of the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man at Fontainebleau-Avon. He introduced Gurdjieff to the writer Rene Daumal at the famous group led by the de Salzmanns at rue Brancas in Sevres, ass a result Daumal’s work was greatly transformed.

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