Charles Daly King (1895-1963) was an American psychologist. He was educated at Newark Academy, Yale and Columbia University. After Army service in WW1 he trained in psychology and wrote several textbooks. His first crime novel was published in 1932. Apart from crime novels, he also wrote psychology books.

He was a member of A. R. Orage’s group in New York City and later C.Daly Kin after was appointed to lead a group in Orange, New Jersey. Attracted to Orage and the teaching, King was ever ambivalent toward Gurdjieff. He would later help Jessie Dwight sow seeds of doubt with Orage, challenging Orage’s manhood in regard to Gurdjieff. His other noteworthy books include The States of Human Consciousness, now out of print, and The Oragean Version, an unpublished manuscript that was privately circulated. Convinced that Orage’s presentation was an undistorted version of an ancient teaching that would be irretrievably lost after his death, King presents a rigorous and detailed formulation of material he gathered over several years of close study with Orage. Pages 257 to 269 contain 118aphorisms by Orage.

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