Elan Sicroff

Elan Sicroff is internationally known for his interpretation of this music. He was trained at the Juilliard School by Jeaneane Dowis, protégé of the great Rosina Lhevinne. He attended the International Academy for Continuous Education of Sherborne, Gloucestershire, England, a ‘Fourth Way’ School directed by John Godolphin Bennett, a leading exponent of Gurdjieff ’s teaching. Initially Elan was a student, and later became its Director of Music. From 1975-79, he received personal instruction in the interpretation of this music from Mme de Hartmann, widow of the composer, to whom he had been introduced by Mr. Bennett. Since then he has given numerous recitals of this music in the USA and Europe. In January 2009 he toured Italy, England and Malta. Elan has produced 2 cds of the Gurdjieff -de Hartmann music, and is presently completing a third, to be available by Christmas 2009.


“Mr. Sicroff, a protégé of Madame de Hartmann, has been presenting this music in public concerts for some 36 years and is probably the preeminent living interpreter of the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann legacy.”

-Gershon Siegel, in Armenian International Magazine

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