• 4th Way Group Belgium – ‘Socrates’ 

Our group and circle of friends studies the theory and practice of Awakening to the Presence “I Am”, always endeavouring to honour “That” throughout the acts of our everyday life. Forms and practices include Work Groups – Self-knowledge – Movements – Meditation. Our aim is strictly non-commercial.

Contact:     ‘Socrates’
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  • School for Development of the Inner Man

The ‘School for Development of the Inner Man’, abbreviated as ‘DIMschool’, has been erected on the 12th of July, 1992 and specialized in the Teachings of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. Eaglan Kurek is today’s president. He is not (yet) runnning the weekly meetings, but for many years part of the esoteric group. The head office of DIMschool is located in Niel/Belgium, and all the weekly gatherings are held in Bonheiden, near Mechelen.
Knowing that Gurdjieff is dead, and therefore his Teachings are dead, the main aim of DIMschool is to bring them back alive. For this reason one of DIMschool’s motto’s is that people can only learn from him who knows – and, as far as we ‘know’, our teacher knows.

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