• Studygroup


Our group meetings take place every other Monday evening. 


Learning different methods for using daily life as an instructor is the main function of this group. Working on negative emotions by practical exercises is considered to be the first step in becoming more “human”. The study of the enneagram by using it in our daily activities proves to be very supporting in this process.


Сoordinator:  Rob de Best


City: Alphen aan den Rijn


e-mail: robdebest(at)




  •  Group in The Hague


We are a small group which gathers every Wednesday evening for practising yoga, mediation, Gurdjieff Movements and conversations. Originally the group was called OTIS: «Outer Turbulence, Inner Silence»; this is one way of defining our aim. The evenings are open to anyone with an interest in practical work, also visitors are welcome.




For more information please contact:


Jan van Dam: janvandam(at)


Coen van Hoboken: cvhd_99(at)




  • Ouspensky Foundation




  • Seekers after the Truth 


Lectures/discussions, movements, Zikr-breathing, active mentation practice, sittings, reading. Weekly group work.


City: Maastricht


For more information please contact:


Istvan Lichter, e-mail: istvanlichter(at)

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