Halyna Savchenko. Stupidity as a Phenomenon in Esoteric Context

Is Stupidity or Morya a human or divine phenomenon? Is it an illness or a manifestation of something “miraculous” in a man?

Contemporary man sticking to the path of self-knowing, often with surprise and even astonishment, discovers such a phenomenon as stupidity.

How we should relate to stupidity, is it possible to have any other attitude rather than negative or denying? This presentation explores the phenomenon of stupidity, referring to the esoteric discourse, and looking for its place in the hierarchy of states. The proposed point of view suggests, if not of the interchangeability of wisdom and stupidity, but at least that they  go together.

The presentation examines the teachings of G. Gurdjieff’s idiocy, “holy madness”, tarot interpretation and other evidences of the manifestation of the phenomenon of stupidity within the esoteric context.

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