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It is very strange how things come together.

Yesterday in our meeting we were dealing with the same as about what you wrote, also yesterday: 


“I realized that my egoistic wish to be noticed by other people is often really that I am not noticing myself and what I need is a bit loving of myself. That was a relief. But it is not easy to do it in practice. “To remember we are loved.”” (Reshad Feild) 


If I do not see myself, i.e. if I do not see myself objectively, if I remain in my subjective world, then how is it possible that I could remember that I am loved? 


We have a need to learn to love ourselves – and here Gurdjieff would add: “I do not mean to learn to masturbate”. An old friend told me a long time ago that the first thing in the inner work is to understand that “Charity begins at home”. 


We are much more connected with each other than we know! 


I am starting to become convinced that ideas are something in the atmosphere and that they can be pulled down, if we are receptive enough and open enough to receive them.


We can talk about Morphogenetic (translation: giving birth to form) fields, which was posited by Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist of my age – actually over one month older than me, who means that for example telepathy can be explained with the existence of these Morphogenetic fields. 


However, we do not need to go as far as Sheldrake to know about these things: Gurdjieff talked about something very similar in one of the talks, which I quote here edited in such a way that the message is clear (but not changing what he meant): 


G: In our solar system certain substances emanate from the sun and the planets, in the same way as those emanated by the earth, making contact at certain points in the solar system. These points can reflect themselves in materialized images, which are the inverted images of the All Highest – the Absolute. There always exists a materialized image in our atmosphere. If people could have enough concentration to enter into contact with this image, they would receive this substance; thereby establishing a telepathic line like the telephone.


Q: Do those images materialize in human form?


G: Yes. 


Q: If someone puts himself in touch with this image, and a second person can put himself in touch with him, and a third and a fourth, can they all receive this image?


G: If seven persons can concentrate enough to put themselves in touch with this image, they can communicate, at any distance, by the line between them, and the seven form one. They can help each other. 


In the earlier times these images were brought to the people who could “talk with the angels” by the angels, the messengers of God.

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