Remembering the beauty and glory of the inner World, one will see that very same beauty all-round.


What is remembering? Is it related to the functioning of our memory or is it rather what it says it is: re-membering, i.e. getting connected again? Once the mind falls still, there is a natural inner expansion of awareness and the outside world becomes smaller and smaller and sometimes it even seems to become insignificant. Inner space is like a fathomless depth in which the beauty and glory of what we really are is clearly reflected. That depth is also called ‘the ocean of bliss’. It is the real depth of our being. When our attention is – once more – drawn towards the outer world it will take with it some of this inner bliss, ânanda. Such bliss makes all the difference in the world we live in. In ancient times this bliss would be called the ‘ambrosia of our divine and immortal nature’. This divine potion – ambrosia –  is the result of self-remembering and is the elixir of life we all seek to obtain. It is the drink of our own immortality and it brings bliss. Once we have found a way to drink of this ambrosia regularly our inner being will gradually undergo a transformation and our whole system becomes regularly filled with bliss. One-pointed attention, such as in meditation and in certain yoga-exercises, teaches us how to handle our inner world and how to look differently at the outside world.


The Isha Upanishad begins with the statement: all that lives is full of the Lord. If we remember the beauty and the glory of our inner world we will, indeed, recognize that beauty and glory around us. It is omnipresent. Going inside regularly and tasting the natural and universal bliss in the depth of our being, we are building up the strength and stability to continue our journey towards our true Self. This will bring peace and give rest. Peace and inner rest are most precious in the conditions of the world in which we live.


Paul G. van Oyen


Meditation, coaching and advice


August 2008

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