“Real feeling is impersonal. It comes from very high in the scale and it connects everything together. ” (p.246, John Pentland, “Exchanges Within”)


Our ordinary feelings, thoughts, and sensations are not real. Real impressions, that we had in childhood, are blocked by our education and adaptation to ordinary life. Ouspensky is not advocating our ordinary emotionality, which is emblematic of our egoism or sleep.


A pupil of Gurdjieff writes,”…it is necessary to withdraw from the body that which does not naturally belong to it – a certain initiative energy – which, when it blends unnaturally with the impulses of the body becomes what is called passion or emotion. This passion becomes rooted in human nature through the system of egoism. Egoism is the systematic affirmation of emotional reaction. This system is fueled by the energy of attention. Therefore as long as a man has no control over his attention his possibilities remain imprisoned in the ego no matter what ideals he espouses and no matter what efforts he expends.”


“The center of gravity is neither in the head nor in the emotions. It is in that place where I recognize a feeling of being that allows me to search. This is a place where I become interested in beginning the work of understanding my situation and everything that is within my capacity. Otherwise, I will be lost, following the game of emotions and functions. If the master is absent, the functions take over….


…When a sensation or a feeling appears, it is important to remain still, as motionless, as possible. This way, other parts of myself, my other centers, can learn about what is taking place, and more than one center can participate. Otherwise, one center says ‘I,’ the other centers say nothing or resist, and I am lost…


…We are able to recognize two types of emotion, those that take away and lead to nothing objective, and those that show me a possibility, predisposing me in a certain way to search.”


 Dr. Michel Conge

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