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  • Conference „Gurdjieff – the centennial of Work and Experimentations“, Moscow, 2012


In 1912 after years of experimentation and just before the outbreak of revolution and wars on an unprecedented scale, at the moment when the old world was dissolving and the new world was not yet born, G.I. Gurdjieff brought his teaching of the Fourth Way to Russia. “Begin in Russia, end in Russia”, Gurdjieff said, but what is the meaning of this phrase?

During the past hundred years what exactly have we accomplished and how can we do better? I think we can all agree that the Work is indispensible, not just for our own personal evolution, but for the survival of the world in which we live. Will our Work mature sufficiently to be able to prepare the groundwork for the coming Good?

In the year 2012 we are planning to honor the centennial of the birth of the Work here in Moscow by organizing an International Conference. The main objective of this Conference is to examine the influence of Gurdjieff’s Work on the world and on ourselves.

The Conference will be held on October 5 – 7 2012.




  • “The Almanac of Gurdjieff Club”


“The Gurdjieff Club Almanac” is 50-100-page gathering of new translations and other materials in Russian, which were not published on the Club’s web-site. Four issues of the Almanac have been published by now. 

The first issue includes essays by A.R.Orage, C.Zigrosser, P.Elliot, Claude Bragdon, Don Hoyt, an Interview with Pauline de Dampierre, a Conversation with Robert Bly, as well as The Concise Dictionary of Gurdjieff’s terms. Almanac was presented during the seminars lead by Andre Bajot and Elena Szeniser in February in Moscow.

The issues of the Almanac may be purchased by writing to the Gurdjieff Club’s e-mail address mail(at)gurdjieffclub.com  and transferring 250 rubles (post expenses included on the territory of Russia and Ukraine) to the account of the Club.


  • Gurdjieff Music & Movements en route   

The music composed by George Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann pertains to rare available samples of sacred art. This music has been created by the authors in a state of Awakened Presence; hence, it is capable of helping human beings to harmonize with the world and to achieve realization of the inner Self. It gives a genuine chance for connection of human beings with the Universe.

The idea of performing the music composed by Gurdjieff and de Hartmann along with presenting lectures on the Gurdjieff tradition and open classes of Gurdjieff Movements has been initiated by Tatiana Rovner and supported by a team from the GC and by the leaders of the GC groups in several cities.

This musical project creates the opportunity of expanding the influence of the Gurdjieff tradition by attracting attention to it of music lovers as well as those who might be interested in Gurdjieff movements. In addition, these concerts and lectures present the means of introducing the ideas and projects of the Gurdjieff Club to a broader audience.

The ensemble of musicians is comprised of talented and experienced performers: Irina Velikovskaya (cello), Maria Margorina (violin), Nataliya Belokolenko (flute) and Tatiana Rovner (piano), who are joined by Alexandra Kharitonova, an instructor of the Movements.

The first concert is planned to take place in November in Krasnodar. Other cities interested in inviting the ensemble of musicians are Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Odessa, Krasnoyarsk and Prague.


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  • 13 January 2009 Birthday celebration of G.I. Gurdjieff („Dom“ Cultural Cente)


The birthday of G.I. Gurdjieff was for the first time in Russia holily celebrated in 2006 at the club “Veresk” in Old Arbat, one of the oldest central streets in Moscow. The event was organized by Moscow Gurdjieff Experimental Group. This initiative has received a response by another several groups, which also learn and practice the study of Gurdjieff, and has been continued during the following two years.

The celebration of Gurdjieff birthday in 2009 is conceived as the first ambitious presentation of “Gurdjieff Club” with the participation of the representatives from the three major Moscow Gurdjieff Groups. The main subject of the discussion during the celebration is the symbol of the Society Akhldan. The main content of the event is the disclosure of the inheritance of Gurdjieff work in the forms of his ideas, music and Movements.


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  • February, 7 , 2009 The Round Table, dedicated to Gurdjieff’s Idea


The discussion which is going to happen during “The Round Table” is considered to be a concentrated exchange of the viewpoints of the leaders of Moscow groups which work with the ideas of Gurdjieff. Three main subjects of “The Round Table” on the 7thof February are:

– the necessary conditions for Gurdjieff work;- an attention and the work with the body;- masks and negative emotions.

Arkady Rovner, Alan Francis, Anatoliy Arlashin and Alexandra Kharitonova, the teacher of Gurdjieff Movements in Moscow, will participate as the leaders in the discussions.




  • Workshops of Anatoliy Arlashin, Arkady Rovner, Alan Francis «The Work with Attention − Theory and Practice» April 25, May, 19 and 30


The leaders of three Moscow Gurdjieff groups present three different approaches towards Gurdjieff ideas. After “The Round Table” on the 7th of February, where these ideas were reviewed theoretically, arose the necessity to introduce them in a practical way in a full diversity of all the possible approaches. Each of the leaders offers his own focus, nuances and accents.

The seminar of Arkady Rovner is dedicated to the practices based on visualization, attention and conations, which were used by G.I. Gurdjieff in his individual and sectional work with pupils. The seminar activates different Gurdjieff exercises, which lead to recollection and appropriation of being.

The practical course of Alan Francis makes an accent on the necessity of a deep meditative work and offers the special exercises, which help to separate the falls “I” and the true “I”.

The seminar of Anatoliy Arlashin is oriented to the intensive work with the emotional centre. The target of the seminar is awaking and developing of the essence.

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