Gurdjieff Foundation of Pakistan

We consist of groups of people, engaged in study and practice of the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff .

The teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff are based on the esoteric wisdom of the great spiritual traditions adapted by Gurdjieff for contemporary sensitivities and needs. The aim of the work is the conscious evolution and transformation of human beings. This requires the harmonious development of the entire person – body, mind and soul. The practice of the work includes meditation, sacred dance, music, , Используемые методы: Meetings
Weekly online meetings with friends form UK living in Sri Lankan , Имя координатора: Saeed Muhammad, Страна: Pakistan, Почтовый индекс: 44000, Город: Islamabd, Почтовый адрес: House No, 7 Street 3 Bara Kahu Islamabd, Адрес сайта:www.gurdjieffoundationapk.com, E-mail: saeedpk2@gmail.com

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