A letter about Robert Burton

Dear Mr. Rovner,


I found your website, Gurdjieff Club, quite interesting.

I noted with interest your comments about the People of Gurdjieff’s Influence where you talk about Robert Earl Burton who founded the fellowship of friends. You also say that Burton «spent eighteen moths in a Gurdjieff group of the Fourth Way led by the spiritual teacher Alexander Francis Horn.»

I feel like you are doing a great disservice to anyone who reads your website without stating the whole truth of these matters.


Robert Earl Burton’s Fellowship of Friends was and is a cult that has harmed many people.


Please look at the following sources:






Personally, I was a victim of Alexander Francis Horn who was NOT a spiritual teacher and who had no connection to Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

Alex Horn was a psychopath, a narcissist, a manipulator, a rapist and a black magician. Yes, he taught Burton and in that way further perpetrated his evil.


Please look at the following sources about Alex Horn and his groups:


Please, if you are interested in the truth, tell the whole story about these people. 

Not all of Gurdjieff’s followers were unscrupulous but some of them were and people should know about this.


Thank you for considering the above.


Best wishes

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