Vladislav Voronin

Vladislav Voronin, the leader of the Gurdjieff group, was born in 1970 in Moscow.


The role of a leader of one of the Moscow-based Gurdjieff group for me is a new and unusual experience. I want to state that it is not an easy task: to work oneself and to lead a group. However, I am trying to carry out my role consciously.


Similarly to many young people, in the early 1990s I took great interest in Eastern body practices: Wing Chun, Aikido and Tsigun; I passed through a period of reberfing and acting techniques within the framework of Wing Chun.


As for Eastern practices, I feel myself lucky, and my first teachers gave a lot of time not only to the physical side, but to the hidden meaning of these traditions. I was fascinated by their wisdom and profundity, and I learned many things from them. I think that this created certain inner conditions, enabled me to understand many things and to realize the necessity of daily efforts, concentration, work with attention and flow of energies. Thus, already after 20 years Eastern practices and doctrines has been an inseparable part of my life. In 2005 my acquaintance with Arkady Rovner steered the flow of my life into another direction, connected with cultivation of inner states, a circle of friends and a common space. Three years later Arkady Rovner initiated the idea of creation of the Gurdjieff Club, and I took part in its realization. There were the first experiences and projects: the “Round Table” in February 2009 and the “Seminar of Three” in April-May 2009. in April 2010 I became acquainted with André Bajot on a seminar in Moscow, and in the Autumn of the same year with Dimitri Peretzi, the director of the Gurdjieff Foundation in Greece. This served as a new impetus in my work on myself and on being aware of the necessity of well-grounded group dynamics. Another event in my life which was important was meeting well-known people within the Gurdjieff milieu, participants of the “All & Everything” Conference in Prague in 2011: Stephen Aronson, Bonnie Phillips and other wonderful people. The participants of our group are united by an ardent wish to work on ourselves, and everything is just beginning for us”.

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