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Форум парижской Гурджиевской группы  
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Establishment of “The Gurdjieff Club” in Moscow is an important endeavor initiated by a group of people aspiring to achieve spiritual realization and to gain experience of higher states of being.


Despite this strong common interest, the participants’ priorities and experience vary greatly − some are engaged in the Fourth Way, and some belong to other related spiritual traditions − however, his very difference has proved useful. For arising from this apparent source of opposition, we are drawing together independent points of view focused on understanding the same universal principles. Far from acting as a divisive factor, it has proven a valuable catalyst for us all. 


We envision in the birth of the Gurdjieff Club an opportunity to create an umbrella for these differing points of view of those with an interest in Gurdjieff and the possibility of conscious evolution. We also hope that the Gurdjieff Club website will be on the cutting edge of sites that will inform readers and challenge them towards an even deeper study of Gurdjieff’s teachings, ongoing adaptations and transformations as well as real valuation of other relevant spiritual developments. 


We are aware and recognize that the world we live in, our Earth, lacking points of conscious contact with higher powers, that is, lacking a sufficient number of conscious human beings will suffer great, perhaps irreparable damage, and we mean to do all we can to prevent that by supporting those who are attempting to reach the Way.


Club activities will expand in several directions reflecting perceived needs and trends. Projects and research will arise as we choose priorities and make realistic assessments of what is possible. This of course will depend a great deal on people who are willing to join and help support the activities of the Gurdjieff Club. Club activities currently include organizing conferences, round table exchanges, seminars, and festivals as well as other events.


We would like to invite to join us those of you who see the urgent necessity and share our deep desire to support the development of conscious human beings devoted to the strengthening and expansion of the influence of Gurdjieff’s Work and heritage.





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