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Some Moments With Mr Gurdjieff - France 1949


Gurdjieff Meetings With Remarkable Men by Peter Brook


The Master of the Carriage (cartoon) - download



Movements and Sacred Dances



The Gurdjieff Movements presented by Jeanne de Salzmann


A Demonstration of Gurdjieff Sacred Dances on-line 





Elan Sicroff - Prayer of Gratitude


Elan Sicroff - Sayyid Chant and Dance №29


Elan Sicroff - Kurd Shepherd's Dance and Song of the Fisherwomen


Elan Sicroff - Performance and Interviewnew


Interensemble Trio - Canto e Danza Sayyid - G. Gurdjieff and T. de Hartmannew





Bruno Martin uber Gurdjieff  - Spricht with Luc Salanew


Interview of Reijo Oksanen by Kristina Turner from Gurdjieff Internet Guide:new



George Bennet:




Jacob Needleman:



Jacob Needleman talks about his latest book, What Is God?. In this deeply personal work, religious scholar and philosopher Needleman cuts a clear path through today’s debates over the existence of God, illuminating an entirely new way of approaching the question of how to understand a higher power.



Video materials DVD and VHS to buy




The Life & Significance of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff,
Part I - Gurdjieff in Egypt: The Origin of Esoteric Knowledge





The Life & Significance of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, 
Part II - Gurdjieff's Mission: Introducing The Teaching to the West, 1912-1924







The Life & Significance of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, Part III - Gurdjieff's Legacy: Establishing The Teaching in the West, 1924-1949





Partner to Genius: A Biography of Olgivanna Lloyd Wright






Meetings with Remarkable Men

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